Glass Info

The list below was produced to inform you about the various types of glass I use in my work.

Transparent & Opal

The two main types of glass used are Transparent (below left) which is see through, and Opalescent/Opal (below right) which is opaque (or non transparent).

Highly reflective metallic finish, manufactured using a specialised process of fusing micron thin layers of metal oxides onto the glass. This type of glass can reflect and transmit light and will appear to shift between two colours depending on the angle of the light. Great for jewellery.


The metallic rainbow finish of this glass is produced by the metal oxide coating. More subtle than dichroic glass, iridised glass is good for adding a metallic sheen to decorative bowls and dishes.


This glass is manufactured using a mixture of two or more colours which combine to create random and unique pattern in the glass. The colour combinations can be a mix of both transparent and opal glass, all opal or all transparent. They are beautiful used on their own but are also good for creating interesting effects when cut into strips or squares.


Strips of glass cut from a sheet can be used to construct an entire bowl or inserted as design elements.


Long thin glass spaghetti. Used for creating patterns and lines.


Pieces of glass graded into different sizes (course, medium and fine). Used for creating patterns and effects.


Similar to frit but refined into a powder. Can be used with stencils or manipulated with brushes to create imagery and unique patterns. Also good for creating colour graduations.

Designer Sheets

These small designer sheets were created by me to use in future projectsThey are really useful for adding unique design elements and are fun to do!